General Question

It’s simple: if you want to build a house, you wouldn’t leave the construction site to any layperson. If you need quality, you should stick to professionals. In addition, creating a homepage is not just done on the side. Often, with an in-house solution, you bind urgently needed employees somewhere else for an unnecessarily long time in the unfamiliar terrain of web design. It takes a long time – with an uncertain outcome. Contact us directly. As a company in and around Wp Supports, we would be happy to advise you in a free initial consultation.

As a web design agency, we offer small and medium-sized companies in the all-round package for web design: We take care of the design and programming of your website and use SEO services to ensure that your ranking on Google improves. In the long term, that means: more customers and more sales.

There is no such thing as “the” web design. Depending on the scope, the costs can vary. However, we always offer our customers excellent value for money. Contact us for a non-binding initial consultation.

Responsive web design enables the optimal presentation of web content on different devices. Today, most websites get the most traffic from mobile devices. This is the reason why Google, for example, primarily takes mobile content into account for its ranking. Those who only have a desktop-adapted homepage offer all tablet and smartphone users a suboptimal user experience – and cannot convince one or the other customer of themselves because they leave the site again.

Nowadays, nobody can ignore Google: In search engine optimization (SEO), the focus is therefore clearly on the Internet giant from the USA. Almost all web users place their searches on Google. Most people use a search query to get the desired result, especially when they are interested in buying. This is where we come in: We support you in taking measures that improve your ranking in the long term. Just a few places in the ranking can make the difference between a large number of jobs and none at all. SEO is therefore essential for every company.

As with costs, the amount of time it takes to create the website varies greatly depending on the scope of the work. Less elaborate services usually require less time: We would be happy to discuss the work involved with you. Contact us for a non-binding and free initial consultation.